Great Pyramid – knowledge and message


Andrzej Wójcikiewicz

For some people, the Great Pyramid of Giza it is a pile of stones stacked on top of each other. However, when you look at it more closely, these stones provide us with extremely important information that has so far been largely ignored by official science and Egyptologists. In fact, nobody knows until today how this Pyramid was built, when and for what purpose? There are only more or less probable theories.

Egyptologists maintain that the Great Pyramid was built to satisfy the ego of Pharaoh Cheops, who thus prepared a tomb for himself to be buried after his death. However – no mummies, inscriptions, objects or drawings were found in the Pyramid. The sarcophagus in the so-called The King’s chamber was empty at the time of discovery.

Officially, it is believed that the Great Pyramid was built about 4,500 years ago by a civilization when a wheel was not yet discovered and the only metals that were known at the time were gold, silver and copper. So the available tools of this era are: a copper chisel and stone hammers. The construction of the Pyramid was to be carried out by hauling and shoving enormous blocks of limestone and granite with the participation of thousands of Egyptian slaves, processed by tapping stone against stone. The construction of the Pyramid was to last 20 years, during the reign of Pharaoh Cheops.

Now let’s consider the following facts:

  • The builders of the Great Pyramid leveled the area to create 1,483 acres of rocky ground around it (equal to about 16 football fields) to lay the stone foundation. The theories of building the Great Pyramid usually overlook this fact.
  • Builders had to forge, process and transport 130 blocks of granite from a quarry in Aswan 600 miles away. Each block weighed from 12 to 72 tons. These blocks had to be lifted 140 feet to create the so-called King’s Chamber.
  • So far, we have discovered only 3 chambers in the Cheops Pyramid.  These are very few considering the size of the structure. A corridor, 295 feet long and 3 feet wide, leads to a lower chamber. Extraordinary precision was required to create the uniform angle of these ascending and descending corridors.
  • The total structure is made of over 2 million limestone blocks of varying sizes and shapes, each weighing between 2.5 to 3 tons. The precision found in this structure is equal to any building constructed today. The upper chamber, the King’s Chamber, has a perfect vertical and horizontal level where a deviation of 1 centimeter is imperceptible.
  • The Great Pyramid is set on the nearly perfect axis North – South. It deviates only 0.5 degrees from true north. Only in recent times have builders been able to match this kind of accuracy.
  • The Great Pyramid has 8 sides, because each of the 4 sides is slightly concave. This reality is visible only during the spring and autumn equinox. In the history architecture, no one has ever seen or heard of such an anomaly. Creating this kind of structure is extremely difficult, given the fact that each of the stone blocks is slightly different. Even more amazing, the builders of the Great Pyramid kept the error of deviation not only to the centimeter, but to the millimeter.
  • The construction of the Great Pyramid is so stable that it has survived three major earthquakes since antiquity. The largest quake took place in the 13th century and razed Cairo, but Great Pyramid remained intact.

The above statements prove that to date, no one in the scientific community can explain the “mysteries” of the Great Pyramid including what kind of tools were used or how it was constructed. What exists, are theories only. All explanations are based on assumptions. It is impossible to prove anything experimentally.  Egyptologists who treat theory as fact are building explanations based on their belief, not on science.

Internal mathematics of the Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid contains a huge amount of mathematical information. For example, dividing half the circumference of the pyramid’s base by its height, the result is 314 m 16 cm (314.16), Pi (π) – 3.14. In addition, dividing the surface of the outer walls of the Pyramid by the surface of its base the number is Phi (φ), the golden number 1.6180. This golden ratio manifests itself in minerals, plants, animals, and even in art.

If these measurements were off only five centimeters, none of these calculations would be possible. These realities cannot be coincidence or chance. However, Egyptologists prefer to avoid the scientific facts and ascribe everything to chance.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is the only one in which all these proportions can be found and where are both Phi (φ) and Pi (π) appear.

According to the creators of the movie The Revelation of the Pyramids in ancient Egypt, cubit was one of the measures of length used in building the Pyramids. Initially.  At that time it was not known what the length of 1 cubit was, using the Great Pyramid as the reference point. Based on the dimensions of the Pyramid, experts deduced that 1 cubit equals 0.5236 meters, i.e. 52 cm and 3.6 mm.

Scientists believed that the ancient Egyptians did not know the metric system. However, the length of one meter was determined in 1793 based on the circumference of the Earth.  Later, in 1993, near the red pyramid in Dashur, which belonged to Snefru, father of Cheops, a pyramid dome was found, copied from the top of the Cheops Pyramid. These measurements are exactly 1 meter high and 1.57 meters wide. This is the value of Pi (π) – 1.57 m + 1.57 = 3.14.

The metric value of a cubit can be calculated using this pyramid dome. A circle with a diameter of 1 (regardless of the adopted unit of measurement), has a circumference equal to Pi (π), i.e. 3.14. Dividing the circumference by 6 we get the number 0.5236, the measurement of 1 cubit. What remains is equal to the golden number squared, 2.618. This explains the present choice for the length of a cubit. In addition, if we assume that the diameter of this circle is 1 meter – the value of a cubit is the same, 0.5236 m. This suggests that the builders of the Great Pyramid did, in fact, know the concept of the metric system.

Another interesting calculation results from a drawing of 2 circles – one inside the base of the Great Pyramid, the other outside its base. When subtracting these two measurements in metric dimensions, we get the value for the speed of light (which according to modern calculations is 299 792 458 m/s). These numbers tell us that the Ancient Egyptians knew the formula for the speed of light!

Many other “accidental” calculations confuse scientists. How could the Egyptians thousands of years ago possess all this knowledge? One theory states that it came from an alien civilization, but today no scientist will take this possibility into account. If they did it would mean the end of their careers.

Great Pyramid and Zodiac

On March 2, 1972, Americans sent an unmanned space probe Pioneer 10, equipped with information about Earth, Humanity, and drawings of our Solar System.  This information and these drawings were intended to provide other civilizations (if any) with knowledge about us and about Planet Earth. Thousands of years ago, previous civilizations did the same thing. Interestingly, this information did not fall into the hands of extraterrestrial civilizations, but to their successors on Earth i.e. to us.

It is possible to communicate through the language of mathematics and dimensions.  Whoever built the Great Pyramid took great care to put coded mathematical information into this structure so that it could be read millennia later.  Precise details of the Pyramid were used to communicate specific information, e.g. sloping the walls of the Great Pyramid produces information that can be deciphered only during the autumn equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. These sloping walls also draw attention to the Earth’s astrological cycles. For example, every star deviates 1 degree in 72 years, and after 26,000 years it will come full circle. This process is called the precession of the equinox. All this information, and much more, must have been extremely important to the builders of the Great Pyramid to project it thousands of years into the future! 

Zodiac signs are used to accurately determine the position of the Earth in the galaxy. In the case of the Giza Plateau, constellations are pointed to sequentially through the eyes of the Sphinx as the Earth changes position. The pyramid dome found at the red pyramid in Dashur provides important information. Its circumference is exactly 12 qubits. The circle in which its base belongs is divided into exactly 12 zones, into 12 the signs of the Zodiac.

The four edges of the Great Pyramid indicate the four signs of the Zodiac: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. In the past, Scorpio was symbolized by an eagle and Aquarius by an angel. These images appear on the facades of many temples and cathedrals. Four stars are assigned to these signs – the brightest ones, are called the Sky Guards. They are Aldebaran from the constellation of Taurus, Regulus from the constellation of Leo, Antares from Scorpio, and Fomalhaut (Alfa Pisces Austrini) from Pisces (however before the calculations done by modern astronomers is was from the constellation of Aquarius).

The distances between these stars are fixed and used as reference points. The axis connecting the constellation of Taurus with Scorpio intersects at the tip of the Great Pyramid with the axis connecting Leo and Aquarius. The Leo constellation is also represented at the Great Pyramid area in the form of the Sphinx (a lion with a human head).

According to official theories, the Sphinx was built later than the Great Pyramid and both buildings have no connection with each other. However, geometry definitely falsifies this theory. Here are some examples:

A triangle that maintains the proportions of the Great Pyramid, whose vertex begins at its top, and extends to the lower left corner is the same distance to the top of the Mykerinos Pyramid. The right side intersects with the top of the Sphinx’s head. Extending the base outline of the Great Pyramid to the north, the axis of its edge intersects with the head of the Sphinx at the same point. Drawing a circle, the center of which is at the intersections of these two axes, will also intersect with the head of the Sphinx at the same point.

This data suggests that Giza may be an astrological clock that completes one rotation every 26,000 years. The clock’s scale is represented by the four previously mentioned stars of the four Zodiac constellations. The clock hands are the Sphinx eyes. The clock makes a full circle over a period of 26,000 years and allows us to determine exactly where the Earth is in the Zodiac.

Where is the starting point? Well, there is a protuberance on the Sphinx’s chest that no one can interpret.  We do not know what it is used for. It is called the Heart of Sphinx.

The same name was used to describe the brightest star in the constellation Leo – Regulus (Alpha Leonis). It can therefore be assumed that the new precession cycle begins when the Sphinx’s eyes look at Regulus, i.e. when the Sphinx’s axis lines up with the axis of Leo and Aquarius.

Why is this so important? Because the cycle of cooling and warming of our planet is synchronized with changes in the parameters of the Earth’s orbit. One of these parameters is the precession of the equinoxes, which affects our climate. According to many authors, cyclical disasters were repeated every 10-12 thousand years. Modern science rejects these theories. The Maya talked about the Fifth Sun following the Flood. The last major climate change for Earth occurred around 10-12 thousand years ago. Many animal species disappeared from the Earth’s surface at that time, and we do not know why.

Earth’s magnetic pole

The movement of the magnetic pole, which shifted at a speed of around 14 km per year in 1994, accelerated to 50 km per year in 2001, and is now moving even faster. Experts say this situation may be related to the upcoming Earth’s polarity reversal. This is worrying news and scientists are unable to explain why this is happening. Polarity reversal is a phenomenon that we know very little about and the consequences are not really known.

One implication may be the temporary weakening or disappearance of the magnetic field around the Earth, which protects it from solar radiation. If this shield disappears – the Earth (or part of it) will burn. Great fires have been described in a number of ancient texts.

Another important element of this puzzle is the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid. Each granite block used there weighed as much as 40 passenger cars. They are perfectly matched vertically and horizontally to one-tenth of a millimeter. Why such precision and why was it needed?

Well, granite is time-resistant it does not change in time. We get numbers from granite, and they are mathematical, which is the language of the Great Pyramid.

Message of the Great Pyramid

What did the builders of the Great Pyramid want to tell us? Maybe it is a warning about the events that destroyed their civilization, because something clearly happened to them. It seems the builders of the Great Pyramid predicted the current climate change. The conclusions are quite explicit and very worrying. However, since the builders warned us – they had to know that rescue was possible. Otherwise they would not waste time!!!

Energy of the Great Pyramid

Research has been done in the past few decades to suggest that the Great Pyramid is a generator of subtle energies (Dr. James J. Hurtak and Dr. Carmen Boulter). These studies suggest, among others, that the Pyramid was designed and built to store and transmit to the entire planet Earth a kind of special field that uplifts all humanity. Perhaps one of the goals of its construction was to stop the collapse of current civilization and to store the emotional, spiritual, psychological types of energy needed to save humanity from total self-destruction, to which we are slowly approaching.

Project to save the Earth and people

In the context of this information (ignored by many) the Cheops Project takes on a completely new meaning. This project was created to protect the Earth from cataclysms.  This was to be done by activating the energy of the Great Pyramid with the help of the pharaoh’s mummy, the builder of the Great Pyramid (whoever he was).  The mummy was to be inserted into the sarcophagus in the King’s Chamber.

The project began in Poland in Wroclaw in May 2001 and ended on December 21, 2012, on the day of the end of the Mayan Calendar. It was carried out by the Polish foundation Dar Światowida, where spirituality was combined with science. Spirituality, or “esotericism” consisted of “conversations” with the spiritual world through a medium during hypnotic and channeling sessions. Science was to check the information obtained from “the other side” by using Ground Penetration Radar (GPR) and archaeological excavations. Details of these activities are described in the books: Awakening of Cheops and In Search of the Great Labyrinth.

Up to December 21, 2012, the mummy of Pharaoh Cheops was not found, but – as we all know – the world did not collapse, there was no pole reversal or other major natural disasters, so we can live peacefully forever. But can we?

A question come to mind why, in relation to the Great Pyramid, despite so much specific evidence Egyptologists with irrational stubbornness stick to theories that do not make sense to any logically thinking human being.

Why is the only logical theory regarding the construction of the Pyramids in Giza i.e. help of extraterrestrial civilizations, not considered technically feasible? Some professionals ridicule and ignore anyone who suggests something like this labeling him/her as scientifically illiterate or pseudo-scientist and mocked by large groups of “serious” luminaries from serious Alma Mater. Are we really alone in the universe? Is such a theory meaningless in the context of so many megalithic buildings in distant ends of the world, whose creation cannot be explained by anyone? Who can feel threatened by such theories?

If it is true that there was a civilization able to create these monuments, perhaps this society could also predict the danger associated with cyclical cataclysms, that sometime cause huge damage to our planet. The last such disaster was the Ice Age. Perhaps such information has actually been encoded in the mathematics of the Great Pyramid so that it can be read now. The threat to Planet Earth did not end on December 21, 2012 but is the current social unrest, which is evidently aroused around the world in the form of “fight against terrorism” and “restoring democracy” just a smokescreen to divert world attention from real danger? Is there a danger of geophysical changes on Earth?

Perhaps Egypt is currently the most important country on Earth. The Great Pyramid was built not only to warn people of danger, but also to help all human beings understand what they can do with this information against the forces of nature? Can we hide underground? Or can run to the mountains? How many of us can be saved in the event of a polarity change or disastrous floods? Therefore there is a high probability that the Great Pyramid was built not only as a warning, but also as a safeguard or protection against such danger.

On November 11, 2011, at 11:00 am, a ceremony was to be held in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid to strengthen and send positive energy of love for people and for Mother Earth. The organizer was the Polish Dar Światowida Foundation, together with the Egyptian travel agency Lilly Reisen. It was a special date in numerology: 11/11/11. For the ceremony, almost 1.5 kg of gold was collected in the form of donations, from which 2 gold rods were made, each 57 cm long and with a diameter of 1 cm2. On one bar was the inscription in Polish, on the second one and in Hebrew:

Man does not live by bread alone

The gold was a donation of the heart from people from many countries – mainly from Poland. After the ceremony, the rods were to be handed over to the Egyptian government. Four specially selected people: two women and two men were to meditate for an hour in the King’s Chamber around the sarcophagus, sending the energy of love to people around the world and to Mother Earth.

The ceremony is completely innocent, not threatening anyone. Despite this, the Egyptian military authorities closed the Great Pyramid for the day on November 11, 2011 at the last minute. The ceremony had to be performed remotely from a hotel room.

Who, despite previous permits and paid (quite substantial) fees, made such a decision? Who could the ceremony of enhancing the energy of love with the energy of the Great Pyramid threaten? It is not easy to find an answer to this question. One can only speculate.

If it is true that there was once a civilization that predicted the present situation on Earth and information about the impending danger was indeed encoded in the mathematics of the Great Pyramid so that it could be read now – then perhaps the danger for Planet Earth did not end on December 21, 2012?

To notice this, however, you need to look at what is happening in nature, in the atmosphere, in the climate … in the heart of each of us? What are the dominating energies: mostly good… or mostly bad?

In my opinion, Egypt is currently the most important country on Earth. I believe that the Great Pyramid was built not only to warn people of danger – because what can we human beings, in the face of the forces of nature, do with this information? Hide underground? How many of us can save ourselves in this way in the event of, for example, polarity reversal? I believe that the Great Pyramid was also built as a protection against this danger that it warns us against.

Perhaps conclusions that the properties of storing and sending positive energies through the Great Pyramid need to be taken even further. Perhaps it is also about activating its gigantic abilities to generate and strengthen such energies to a level that will transform human thinking and only strengthen the emotions that will help people survive. Perhaps such energy can protect the Earth from any future cataclysm?

Let me now let my imagination run wild. Project Cheops was about finding the tomb of Pharaoh Cheops and putting his mummy in a sarcophagus in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid. This was to activate the energy of the Pyramid through an undefined device installed by previous civilizations in the pharaoh’s mummy. Suppose it was not about the mummy of the pharaoh itself. After all, it has long been known that the Great Pyramid is much older than 4.5 thousand years, so Cheops could not have built it. Perhaps it is a different energy. Energy of … the Ark of the Covenant … After all, according to the calculations – the size of the Ark of the Covenant (131.25 cm long, 78.75 cm wide and 78.75 cm high) perfectly fits the size of the sarcophagus inside the King’s Chamber (external dimensions: 200.28 cm long, 99 cm wide, 100.05 cm deep).

If the Ark of the Covenant is hidden under the symbol of “Pharaoh’s mummy” – then everything becomes clear. The amplification of such enormous energy – with the energy of the Great Pyramid, can indeed bring about extraordinary changes across the globe.

Only the future will tell us if this is true.


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