Andrzej Wójcikiewicz


He is the President of the Board of the Foundation for the Support of Research to Disclose Ancient and Modern Knowledge “Wisdom of Nations”.  

Since 2001, he has been interested in the matters of the Pyramids of Giza and the secrets hidden under sands of Egypt. He was an active participant in the Egyptian-Polish Archaeological Mission in the Hawara necropolis, in search of the Herodotus Labyrinth thanks to the agreement of the scientific research cooperation signed between the University of Wrocław and the University of Cairo.

He comes from Warsaw. Here he graduated from the Academy of Physical Education. In 1970 he went first to Sweden, then to Denmark, where he received the position of coach of the national fencing team. He participated in the Olympics in Munich (1972) and Montreal (1976) with Danish fencers. After the Montreal Olympics, he moved to the capital of Canada – Ottawa, where for 12 years he worked as a fencing coach at a club and as a coach of the Canadian National Team in fencing and modern pentathlon.

In 1980, he enrolled at the University of Ottawa with a second master’s degree in sports psychology. The topic of the scientific work was the use of hypnosis techniques and post-hypnotic suggestions to reduce unwanted stress in fencers during competition.

In 1988 he became interested in the techniques of personal development with the Silva Method techniques and completed an instructor course with the method’s creator – José Silva from whom he receiving an instructor diploma. Since 1992 he has been the general director of the Silva Method in Poland and the first one to present it in its original form in his home country.

He is the author of such books as: AWAKENING OF CHEOPS – Or How To Save People And The Earth, IN THE SEARCH OF THE GREAT LABYRINTH – Egypt, Archeology And The Year 2012, and FIFTH DIMENSION: THE FUTURE HERE AND NOW – Awakening Of The Great Pyramid. First two books were translated into 5 languages.

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