Reda Abdel Haleem, Ph.D.


He is an Egyptologist by education, graduated from the Department of Archeology of Cairo University and the Institute of Ancient Civilizations at Zagazig University, where he obtained his doctorate.

He works at the Three Pyramids of Giza employed by the Ministry of Antiquities as Director of International Relations. He took part in many international excavation missions in Egypt, cooperating, inter alia, with the famous American archaeologist dr. Mark Lehner at the excavations in the Sphinx area.

In 2007, he made contact with the Polish “Dar Światowida” Foundation and from March 2008, when the Supreme Council of Antiquities granted official permission to research in ​​the Hawara Necropolis area, he was employed by the Foundation as the head of research and excavation works of the Egyptian-Polish Archaeological Mission in Fayum, whose Director was the Dean of the Faculty of Archeology of the University of Cairo, prof. dr. Alaa Eldin Shaheen. These studies were conducted on the basis of a research and development agreement between the University of Wrocław and the University of Cairo, signed in April 2008.

When dr. Zahi Hawass stopped the excavation, dr. Reda continued to work for the Dar Swiatowida Foundation to resume research in Hawara and other areas of interest to us in Egypt.

Currently, he is a full member of the Council of the Wisdom of Nations Foundation. He initiated contacts between the Foundation and the Ain Shams University in Cairo and the University of Babylon in Iraq. Consequently scientific and research cooperation agreements have been signed between these Universities and the Wisdom of Nations Foundation.

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