Michal Papierski

Michał Papierski


He is a spiritual teacher with many years of experience working with the forces of life. He builds stone circles, is a creator of pyramids and an inventor. In November 2011, he was a participant in the Ceremony of 11/11/11 in Egypt as one of the Earth Angels. While in the Great Pyramid, he experienced a revelation that significantly influenced his further work. He describes his experience as follows:

  A long and steep corridor leading to the King’s Chamber. We walked along with other tourists. In the end, we stood over an empty sarcophagus. I felt an overwhelming need to enter the sarcophagus. I did it spontaneously without asking anyone for permission. The Cosmos opened for me! A wave of memories flooded me. My wife was there. We were all together. I felt a wave of love, the love that motivated us build these pyramids long ago. We did it for the people, to help them, to ease their fate, which at that time was not a happy on Earth. Those we serve appreciated this and accepted our help with gratitude.

  Immortality! My body from that time is immortal! It only depends on me how long I use it. I look like a man, but I am very different from the people of that time. The matter from which I am made has a different structure, resembling a crystal. I have enormous brain capacity. Thoughts that pass through my mind flow easily and are conducted with extraordinary speed.

  I make my voice call out to my wife. The voice echoes millions of times against the walls of the sarcophagus and comes out as a powerful causal command. It seems to be just a piece of granite, and it acts as a multiplier amplifier.

  The same love that I experienced while lying in a sarcophagus hits my wife under the Sphinx. The Sphinx is a symbol of care and protection. Good, heartfelt protection. Anne is sobbing. I cry with her. Before we leave Egypt, I will cry many more times. The stream of memories continues for hours after leaving the pyramid.

Michał and his wife Anna have been working with the pyramids since 2009.

Large spherical pyramid

They build multi-level pyramids with various designs. They combine pyramid shapes with spherical and spiral shapes. Knowledge of Sacred Geometry combined with practical skills and a series of spiritual awareness allowed them to create the Spherical Pyramids. They equip them with crystals that enhance their effect. Michał creates constructions Anna selects crystals. They build garden and home pyramids. Thanks to well-chosen shapes and materials, it is possible to achieve high efficiency of operation even in small, domestic sizes.

Anna & Michał Papierski with Galaxy

For many years they have been actively working for the transformation of the Earth. They are nature lovers, animal keepers, and promoters of plant-based nutrition and its impact on health and spiritual development. They share their knowledge and experience at meetings, workshops and through publications on the Internet.

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