Mysterious Egypt (Presentations 1 & 2)

Erich von Däniken

Since time immemorial, Egyptian buildings have kept secrets that are not discussed in classical Egyptology. For example, the temple of Abydos was originally built because the head of the god Osiris was buried there. Who is this Osiris? Where did he come from? With impressive pictures Erich von Däniken (EvD) proves that the enormous substructure of today’s temple was built with an unknown technique – and goes back 5000 years into the past.

In Abydos there are also colorful representations of the “Djed (Dżed) pillar”, a technical-looking object, which until today has not found a reasonable explanation. Did the ancient Egyptians even know electricity? EvD leads viewers into a tomb beneath the temple of Dendera. There, on the damp walls is engraved a mysterious technology reminiscent of electricity.          

What was the purpose of the massive sarcophagi in the tunnels under Sakkara? EvD proves with a sensational film clip that the monster sarcophagi did not contain bull mummies, as tourists are told.

And then the plateau of Giza with the three main pyramids of Cheops, Chefren and Mykerinos. Were these pharaohs really the builders? Humorously and astutely, EvD analyzes Egyptian lore that doesn’t fit into any doctrine. Then the audience enters the pyramids, climbs down into the unfinished burial chamber, climbs into the great gallery, into the Queens’ and Kings’ chambers and experiences in razor-sharp images technical marvels that must not have existed in Cheops’s time. In a breathtaking animation EvD disproves the previous pyramid theories and takes the viewer into secret shafts in and around the pyramids. Shafts that should not actually exist. Something is wrong in ancient Egypt – and nobody talks about it. In this presentation, the viewer learns to be amazed again. Here a man speaks out what others do not even dare to think.

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